A new logo with real character!

Company Directors, Karl and Russell, asked Shine to create two identities that work together for their seasonal businesses – supplying interior and exterior floor coverings. They requested a caricature as part of their logo as they wanted to emphasise the friendly, down-to-earth personality of their business. 

Business Cards

It was really good fun getting the images of Karl and Rusel and creating the caricatures of them. It is not often that a business takes a lighthearted approach to their image, but this identity definitely works for the friendly and personable service offered by the two owners of these two businesses.


Adelle Bradford, from Carpets and Flooring said:

Flooring in general is very competitive and it’s difficult to stand out in this crowded market. We talked to Shine about how we wanted to complement the ‘fakin’ the grass’ side of the business, but not get lost amongst the 100s of flooring businesses out there. We talked about the differences ‘carpetsandflooring.net’ offers, our credentials and quality service.

Shine was great at taking this hook and turning it into a really unique design, which we feel, gets across our personalities and friendly professional service. The branding also gives us flexibility to personalise when appropriate, or have a more corporate look, like for the website or dealing with trade customers. We put our chosen design out for vote and got a great response from customers and the trade. We’re confident this new branding is going to support our business plans and get us noticed for all the right reasons. We can’t wait to get them up and running, watch this space!

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