What is a good identity?

A good corporate identity should reflect your product or service, its values and its function. In addition to this it should be unique and memorable and appeal to your target audience. It should also be easy to read and reproduce, even at a small size. It is also said that a great logo should be able to be reproduced in monotone, which is why we have illustrated all our works above in black and white.

Below: Here is an identity we created for Mayfair Granite, manufacturers and suppliers of high quality granite and quartz worktops.


Corporate Identity


Below: A page taken from the new Mayfair Granite brochure we produced which explains the ethos of the company using the new identity.


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Why use a design consultant for your identity?

Firstly it’s a great idea for someone from outside of your business to create a refreshing new identity for you. In our experience we find that clients are often pleasantly surprised with the way we interpret a brief, the creativity, professionalism and number of designs we create. We are also experts in the latest design trends, and know how to design an identity that will work effectively when applied across different media, ie. Stationery, Signage, Vehicle Livery, Websites etc.

We also have extensive knowledge of modern reproduction techniques so can ensure that colour reproduction and application (with chosen fonts etc) is consistent. We also act as a hub for all your design requirements, being able to issue print-ready files to your suppliers in an instant – one less thing of you to worry about when running a business!

Not sure whether I need a logo or a brand?

All successful brands start with a recognisable, memorable and unique identity – or logo that evokes a memory and emotion. Put simply, the brand is the logo along with every interaction the logo has with it’s audience. The brand encompasses the market position, messaging, tone, communication and promotion. A successful brand is the experience that people have when they come into contact with your business.

When combined, a well-planned logo and a brand strategy help you effectively and efficiently reach your audience, communicate your message, your value, and benefits, and visually attract more attention. Whether you require a new or updated identity, or want to develop a brand from your existing logo, we can help.

Below: Our brand tree below helps explain the fundamental elements of a brand, this is not exhaustive by any means!



I have an idea for a logo, can you develop this?

Yes, we can add the polish to your idea and develop this into something you can work with. Carpets & Flooring had an idea for their identity. They were correct in thinking that the two main assets of their business were themselves, and as such came up with the idea of a logo that incorporated their caricature’s of the owners. Shine designed and developed the identity below from their original idea.


Read more about the project featured above.