I’m not sure what I want?

We can establish your requirements and propose several design solutions utilising different folds, sizes, finishes and stocks to ensure you will be happy with the finished result. We hold samples of papers and finishes so you can see and touch the actual material.

This mailer for Mayfair Granite was designed as a 14-page concertina with a diagonal cut. When the mailer is folded both sides of the printed mailer are seen, creating a striking and interesting front cover.

Read more about the project featured above.


I only want a few copies!

Digital print makes short runs cost effective so we can supply anything from a single copy to tens of thousands.


The A5 product brochure above has been printed digitally. Because digital printing is economical for low run printing, it means Tac Light can print 100 brochures a month, with updates to pricing and products as required without worrying about a huge bill for the print.

Read more about the project featured above.


Read more about the project featured above.


Do you print in-house?

No. We have a large network of trusted partners. This enables us to get the best finish, right expertise and most competitive price for our clients. We do not charge a ‘mark-up’ on print as a lot of design consultants do, however we are happy to liaise with suppliers for a small print-handling fee to ensure your job is printed to perfection.



What can you print?

The list is limitless, but here are some common items we have been involved with…
> Stationery
> Brochures
> Carrier Folders
> Direct Mailers
> Leaflets
> Menus
> Packaging
> Exhibition Banners
> Signage
> Vehicle Livery
> Wallpaper & Wall Murals
> Promotional items like Key Rings, Pens etc


The stationery set above was printed for Plot74 Architecture. We oversee any printing we manage to ensure quality of finish and the consistency of colour reproduction is accurate across all items.

Read more about the project featured above.



Do you use environmentally friendly paper?

We are happy to offer (and specify) a choice of environmentally friendly and FSC accredited papers and boards to meet your environmental policy requirements.


Visit the FSC website.