Can you design and build a website?

We design websites and can provide full visuals of what each page will look like. When this has been approved we work with a reliable network of partner developers to build, test and launch your website, be it a simple holding page or a full e-commerce site. We are also happy to provide design only and pass this on to your own chosen developer.


Are your websites responsive?

Yes, we programme all our sites to work on multiple platforms, be it a phone, tablet or pc. Phones are now the global number one device for viewing websites, so it is important that your site is responsive.

Below: Responsive website designed for Resurgent Growth.


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Can you make my website rank highly in Google?

When building a site our developers adhere to Google’s latest algorithm and build using appropriate code, and will advise on any content modifications required. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can be bought in as an additional service to enable your site to get a higher search page ranking. An alternative to this is PPC, (Pay-Per-Click) which can be ideal if you are selling a product or service. This can instantly higher your ranking, traffic and click rate – please read the question below to hear it explained.


What is ‘Pay-Per-Click’ (PPC)?

Pay-Per-Click is internet advertising, whereby the advertiser sets a maximum bid amount in a real time auction for customer searches based on specific keywords you state as being key to your product or service. When a keyword you are bidding on is searched with, yours and competing companies’ adverts are displayed in the ‘Ads’ positions in the search engine. The order of that display, the ranking, is decided by who bids the most and who has the ad copy and landing page most relevant to the keyword being searched with. When your ad is clicked on you pay the amount you bid.

We can assist with creating the design of the ads and work with Google accredited PPC experts who can advise and program your campaign.

Here is a summary of what PPC offers you and your business:

  • Be seen – your brand and advertising copy can be seen for any audience you choose to target.
  • Deliver almost instant traffic to your website.
  • Get qualified leads – your ads only appear in front of searchers using relevant keywords that you have chosen.
  • Make immediate sales.
  • A much higher (and more immediate) Return On Investment (ROI) than traditional advertising methods.
  • Limit your daily budget to as little as you want.
  • Add, change and delete the keywords you bid on and the ad copy you display.
  • Test the profitability of different keywords and ad copy.
  • Target different languages, regions and cities in most countries.


Below: is an adword campaign banner we designed and produced for Mayfair Granite.


Read more about the project featured above.


Why should I use email marketing?

Emails, when targeted correctly and with content designed to engage your audience can be a useful sales tool that can turn a warm lead into a sale. Particularly effective for companies selling a product or service. Here’s a few good reasons why you might want to consider using email marketing:

  • Generate interest in your business
  • Encourage sales
  • Generate more prospects via email forwarding
  • Expand your list of social media followers
  • Inform about special promotions
  • Generates specific data to enable you to target your market more effectively
  • Cost effective – low spend per recipient
  • Immediate
  • Warm-up cold leads and dormant clients
  • Gives a reason to make a follow-up phone call
  • Responsive – works on pc, tablet and phone

It can also generate interest in your company or business and easily be forwarded to further recipients or blogged to thousands on websites or using social media. Detailed statistics are available after you have sent your campaign to highlight click rates on specific stories/features/promotions.


Below: is an email campaign produced for Plot74 Architecture. The emailer was aimed at promoting the practice to the Motor Retail Industry to encourage enquiry. Click to enlarge.

The campaign secured a 33.5% open rate and 3 clicks. Several enquiries were received and 5 of those were converted to new business.



Below: are the results of the campaign, presented on the online dashboard. More demographic data is available on the full report. Click to enlarge.



Read more about the project featured above.