I need packaging but not sure where to start?

Don’t worry! We can source ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions and design the graphics to be printed on the pack. We can also provide a full mock-up so you know how it is going to look. Alternatively if you require something more unique we can design a custom packaging solution for your project.


Can I see my packaging on-shelf?

Yes, we are experts in providing highly realistic planograms which can be supplied printed or as a digital file so you can see exactly how your pack will look in the retail environment. We can also design any accompanying point-of-sale that may be required to support your packaging on-shelf.

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Do I have to commit to a packaging format to enable a design?

No. We can suggest formats for your packaging and supply 3D visuals to show how a particular idea could look without having to invest in any packaging.

Coffee Bean Pouch

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I’ve got existing packaging, can you match it?

Yes, we can match colours and graphic styles to match your existing packaging, or give it a lift with a design refresh. We are also experienced in rolling out large ranges of packaging and ensuring consistency across all pack formats.

Packaging Design

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I’m not sure if I will like my design.

Don’t panic! We will suggest a variety of options for you to consider to fit within your budget and can show the design on pack as a 3D visual. This ensures that you are happy with the design before you commit to printing the final pack.

CD Design

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