Tac Light

Tac Light is a designer, manufacturer and retailer of specialist tactical equipment for professionals involved in Hunting, Security and Search & Rescue. We have designed many brands for Tac Light, and in most cases we have also produced packaging, technical manuals, product catalogues and exhibition graphics to support these brands. Our close working relationship with the client has also involved confidential 3D product illustration for new product development.

Role: Branding, POS, Packaging, Advertising & Print

Client: Tac Light

Views: 1893

^ Branding for retailer of Tactical Lighting devices.
^ Stationery
^ Product Catalogue
^ Product Catalogue
^ Packaging Design
^ Packaging Design
^ Pop-Up Banners
^ Branding for Torch Manufacturer, Klaus.
^ Packaging
^ Branding for a high powered hunting lamp
^ Packaging Design
^ Magazine Advertising
^ Branding for a new brand of lamp batteries
^ Branded Battery
^ Branding for a Night Vision device.
^ Magazine Advertising
^ Branding on the actual product
^ X Searcher Torch Branding

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