Are there any limitations to designing for my vehicle?

The only limitation is the imagination! There are two basic methods of application, and both include using a colourfast self adhesive vinyl. This can be removed from the vehicle leaving the original paintwork in tact if required. The two common methods are:

Vinyl Cut Graphics:
This method is more cost-effective, but can be more restrictive creatively. The vinyl shapes/letters are cut from sheets of coloured vinyl on a CAD table and applied to the vehicle. Pictures can also be printed onto the vinyl and applied to the vehicle if desired. This is the most cost effective way to add graphics to your vehicle. You can even apply one way ‘see through’ vinyl to the rear/passenger windows of your vehicle.

The example below shows Mayfair Granite’s Van livery created using vinyl cut graphics on a black painted van.

Vehicle Livery

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Full Vinyl Wrap:
This is a far more expensive method, but it does open the door to more creative design options and can offer higher stand out. The whole vehicle including the doors and even the windows are shrink wrapped in a self adhesive vinyl that has been printed with your design. You can totally change the colour of your vehicle with this method.

The example below shows Interior4Living’s livery created using a full vinyl wrap on a red painted vehicle.


Read more about the project featured above.


What is the process?

We will need to find out the exact model and year of the vehicle. We will also need to know whether you have a preference for a full vinyl wrap or for vinyl cut graphics (we can give you an indication of cost). Once we know this we will produce some initial design concepts, showing the front, sides, reverse and roof of the vehicle. Once the design has been approved we recommend a sign writer or you can take receipt of the artwork and use your own supplier.

The example below illustrates the initial design options presented to interiors4living.


Read more about the project featured above.


How long will I be without my vehicle for?

This will be decided by the supplier, however most small vehicles can be completed in 1-2 days. We are happy to supply artwork to your own suppliers specifications.

The example below shows Carpet and Flooring’s livery created using vinyl cut graphics.


Read more about the project featured above.


Can you match existing vehicle liveries?

Yes, that is no problem as long as we have good reference of the existing vehicle. We can match fonts from our extensive collection and ensure colour consistency using Pantone matching.

The image below illustrates the vinyl cut lettering we designed for Perk Up’s mobile coffee van.


Read more about the project featured above.


Can the livery be removed from the vehicle?

This is a question best answered by your supplier, but in most cases the vinyl can be removed. The vehicle will probably need a coat of paint restorer and wax to restore the original finish.